Every year new faces are welcomed to Faculty 10.2. In order to give these so-called first-time students an optimal start into their studies, there are various projects, such as a rally through the city centre of Aachen.

Teddy Bear Hospital:

The student council supports the Teddy Bear Hospital every year. The students of dentistry or human medicine take over the role of Teddy Doctors in order to take away the fear of doctors from children at kindergarten age.

Services for students:

In addition, the student council manages the so-called 24-hour room, where students can practice the preparation of plastic teeth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The student council lends articulators and face bows to the students, since these would be very expensive in the acquisition for each student.

Magnifying Glasses event:

In the course of their studies, most students ask themselves whether they need magnifying glasses and which magnification they should have. To answer all questions about magnifying glasses, the student council organises the magnefying glasses event.


The community in dentistry is important, that is why the Cookident Event has been in existence since 2019. At this event, the entire faculty is mixed and cooks for each other. From first semester student to Professor, everyone can participate and have a great evening together.


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