student council executive



The chairman and his representative coordinate the entire student council. He is the public representative of the student council towards the public, the university, other student councils and the Asta.

Our chairmen are Jules Griga and Ali Chaudary.

Finance & Organisation:

The Finance Officer is responsible for all financial matters of the student council. This includes bookkeeping, transfers, ordering materials and advising on financial matters for the projects.

Our finance & organisation team is formed by Nils Strototte and Karl Kovermann.


The Officers of education are responsible for the general affairs of the education of the dental school. They represented the student council in the teaching commissions of the medical faculty or in the comissions of the dental clinic.

The officers of education are Yvonne Kuhn and Leonard Gerich.


The team of the pre-clinic is the contact for all students before the Physikum, i.e. students of the first five semesters. Every winter semester, new faces are welcomed at Faculty 10.2. In order to give these so-called first-time students an optimal start into their studies, there are various projects, such as a joint rally through Aachen city centre.

Our preclinic team is formed by Greta Wittemeier and Luisa Heuts.

Public relations:

The public relations team manages the Facebook page or organizes various events, such as the Zahni party during the introductory week for freshmen.

Our public relations team is formed by Anne Röttgen and Antonia Nilles.


The IT team manages the internet presence of the student council. It is also responsible for the 24-hour room and the handpiece safe. If you have problems with the 24h room, they are the right people to contact.

Our IT team is formed by Philip Kazanowski.


The clinic team is the contact person for the students in the clinical study section. Together with the Financial Officer, it manages and organizes the issue of articulators and face bows for students from the third semester onwards. In addition, the clinic team organises the loupe glasses event, which is regularly held in the summer semester.

Our clinic team is formed by Maike Schrickel and Corinna Schön.

Commission Committees:


The Studienbeirat is a commission of the Faculty Medicine and supports the Faculty Council and the Dean's Office in the organisation and coordination of the study and teaching offer of the Faculty and thus has an important advisory function. Students of the entire Faculty 10 - i.e. Medicine, Dentistry and Speech Therapy - are also members of this commission.

Our Studienbeirat team is formed by Ali Chaudary and Nils Strototte

Faculty Council:

Representatives of all groups (students, professors, scientific and non-scientific staff) sit here. The student representatives (here: Faculty 10/2) are regularly elected in the summer semester in the course of the university elections. The chairman is the dean of the faculty. The tasks of the faculty include

- Decision-making in teaching and research

- Adoption and amendment of examination and study regulations

- Election of the deanery

Yves Moschinski is our representative until the summer semester 2021.

Awards Committee (short: VKS)

The Vergabekomission deals with the investment of the tuition fee reimbursement funds. The committee allocates funds for various projects of the medical faculty. The projects serve primarily to improve the quality of teaching. These funds have also been used to provide the face bows and articulators for the students so that these devices no longer have to be purchased privately.

Our Awards Committee team is formed by Yvonne Kuhn.