Frequently Asked Questions


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The student council currently rents out products from SAM Dental. Manuals of the face bow and articulator can be found in the


The dental student council lends articulators and face bows to students. This FAQ addresses all dentistry students.





From when do I need an articulator?

You need an articulator from the TPK course on. This takes place according to the old  regulations in the 3rd semester. According to the new regulations, the articulator is required for the first time in the course "Dental Technologies" in the 4th semester.

Is the articulator free of charge for me?

The articulator is in principle free of charge. However, a deposit of 100 Euro has to be paid at the cash desk, together with the corresponding deposit slip. Additionally you have to pay a deposit of 20 Euro. Both deposit amounts are paid again, if you give up the articulator completely at the end of your studies. The hirer has to pay for loss, partial loss and negligent damages.

How long may I borrow the articulator?

Basically, everyone is allowed to borrow the articulator for the duration of his studies. However, we have limited the maximum lending period to 5 years, as we want to make sure that all active students are provided with a device. It is important: if you should interrupt your studies for any reason, you have to return the articulator to us for this time - another student can use it and there will be no shortages. If your studies last longer than the 5 years of the loan period, please contact the student council. A solution will be found.


I am missing a screw on the articulator. I noticed this in the middle of the semester - what can I do?

The student council has spare parts. If you notice that you are missing something on the articulator, you can always contact a representative of the clinic team or send an email to the student council. There will be costs for the spare part.

The joint on my articulator is loose - what can I do?

Mostly this is due to the fact that the affected screw is somewhat loose. You need a suitable Allen key (hexagon) to tighten it. If you do not have one at hand, you can ask the student council.


face bows



When do I need a facebow?

You need a facebow from Phantom 1 onwards, which takes place in the 4th semester according to the old regulations. According to the new regulations, you will need the facebow from the Phantom course in prosthetics in the 5th semester.

Is the face bow free of charge for me?

In principle, the facebow is free of charge. However, a deposit of 100 Euro has to be paid at the house cash desk, together with the corresponding deposit receipt. The deposit amounts will be refunded when you hand in your facebow at the end of your studies. Loss, partial loss or negligent damage is the responsibility of the borrower.

Does every student get a facebow?

No, a facebow must always be shared between two students!

What do I have to remember about the facebow?

The facebow is marked with numbers by the student council. Once the transfer bow has a number, the joint also has a number. Both numbers must match. This is especially important when returning the bow. Face bows with different numbers are not accepted for return.

The joint at my facebow is stuck - what can I do?

WD40 is a miracle cure here. With it the joint becomes loose again. If you don't have it, please contact the student council.