Student Council


The student council dentistry are formed of all dentistry students at RWTH.

Student Council Executive

The student council executive is the representation group of all dentistry students at RWTH and engages for the student´s interests towards professors, the dean´s council and different commissions. The student council has many projects like the Teddy-Hospital. The meeting of the student´s council is Monday at six pm every two weeks. All guideline of the student council excetuive are anchored in the articles.

Student Council Meetings

Every two weeks during the lecture period, a meeting of the elected student representatives takes place on Mondays at eighteen o'clock. The student council office is located within the University Hospital in room 8 on floor E, corridor C, hallway 41. All students are welcome to attend the student council meeting. If a special topic is to be discussed, we would be pleased to receive a short e-mail beforehand.


Another general task is the national networking of dental students in Germany. Twice a year we travel to federal student council meetings to exchange ideas with all other German university hospitals.

Within this university hospital, the student council also networks the individual semesters and works closely with the Medical Student Council and ASTA.